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Company profile

ESAG develops and provides clean and intelligent energy-saving products, systems and solutions for commercial, institutional, and industrial infrastructure 


Energy Saving Australia Group (ESAG) is a partnership between Shanghai Mirage Investment Holdings Ltd and APD Technologies Pty Ltd.  Shanghai Mirage Investment Holdings Ltd is the head company that has a sound knowledge in financial investment and owns energy saving companies that are leaders in high-tech “Energy Saving Technology”, with over 10 years of experience in the field. 

APD Technologies Pty Ltd is a Sydney based company with over 20 years experience in intelligent control systems and computer software systems that regulate energy consumption.


ESAG was created to combine and harness the technology of the two primary companies and become the leading provider in Energy Saving Technologies in Australia. ESAG develops and provides clean and intelligent energy saving products, systems and solutions for commercial, institutional, and industrial infrastructure. ESAG utilises the most advanced technology systems to reduce power consumption. We provide customers with specialised services which include the diagnosis of energy consumption, designing new energy efficient systems, financing assistance and the management of energy saving systems.


The types of energy saving technologies that ESAG focuses on are:


Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies

Automated Energy Efficient Street Lighting Management System

  •        Central  Air-con Intelligent Control System (ICS)
  •        On-line Condenser Cleaning System
  •        Ice Slurry Thermal Storage System
  •        EnerFreeze
  •        Central Air-con Smart Power-Saving Controller
  •        High Efficient Pumps
  •        Nano Energy Saving Anti-UV Solution
  •        Water Treatment Machines

We provide an overall solution to high energy consumption in large scale developments and infrastructures through the use of varied energy saving technologies. ESAG has a strong alliance with a number of highly regarded institutions, which include the ‘Research Institution of China University’, Post Doctor Research Station in Shenzhen and the Industrial & Residential Air Conditioning Energy Conservation Research Centre in China. All ESAG technologies are tested by well-known reputable laboratories, to ensure consistently high standards and reliability. ESAG technologies are recommended by governments worldwide and have a proven track record with projects overseas and locally in Australia.


Integrated Energy Saving Division 


The Integrated Energy Saving Division manages multiple processing chains, involving the management of various aspects of energy conservation systems.

The main role of the Integrated Energy Saving  Division is as follows:

        Building Energy Efficiency

  • To improve building comfort and reduce building operating costs
  • To improve the property management level
  • Targeted customers: shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, large exhibition centres etc.

Industrial Energy Efficiency

  • To reduce building services equipment energy consumption and wastage
  • To improve energy consumption to maintain a comfortable working environment
  • Targeted customers: large pharmaceutical factories, food factories, electronic factories etc.


Energy Saving Lighting Division

The Energy Saving Lighting Division manages the supply chain and quality of lighting technologies that belong to ESAG. ESAG has a vast range of outdoor and indoor lighting products to cover most lighting applications.

The division’s main role is to:

  • To reduce building lighting electricity consumption
  • To improve the current lighting maintenance periods on the property by providing low electricity consumption/long-life lighting products
  • Targeted customers: large scale buildings, residential buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, office buildings and large exhibition centres.


Environmental Protection Division

ESAG is dedicated to the collection, classification, recycling and revitalisation of all waste (other than radioactive waste). This division mainly deals with the recycling and containing of energy waste and the safe disposal of hazardous waste including landfill and soil remediation. The Environmental Protection Division will cover the whole procedure from waste generation to the final disposal. We will provide our clients with a series of handling processes and design various energy efficient and environmental solutions.