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Ice slurry thermal storage system





Power cannot be stored, along with economic development, the difference of day and night electricity demand is increasing, the thermal unit commitment is a huge loss, nuclear power and hydropower can not participate in a variety of reasons peaking.


Peaking of the thermal power generator set start and stop a loss, the Peak Load Operation of a 125,000 kilowatts generating set time, 20T tons of standard coal consumption; Peak Load Operation of a 200,000 kilowatts generating set time, 34.8T standard coal consumption.


Storage (hot) is characterized by cooling, heating and the use of cold, heat time and the amount of different ice slurry storage is an efficient, low-cost, environmentally friendly energy storage technologies (high-power energy storage battery, air energy storage, pumped storage and so on the face of cost and other issues.

New Generation: “iSlurry “system

ESAG’s newest development is the dynamic liquid ice slurry for thermal storage systems. I-Slurry system utilizes inexpensive off-peak electricity (during off-peak times) to manufacture slurry ice and store it in a specially design storage tank. The stored ice is conserved and used during peak demand periods for cooling purposes such as air-condition plants. This intuitive design has the potential to reduce cooling needs in a mechanical system and essentially save up to 40% on electricity costs to cool mechanical plants in a building.

This system is:

  • Highly efficient
  • Low-cost
  • Flexible and easily adapted to any existing system


This system is widely used in different industries for cooling purposes such as Ice Thermal energy storage for air-conditioning buildings, district cooling, cooling air for gas turbines, industrial cooling and temperature reduction for common produces like beer, milk and vegetables.






Heat exchanger unit




1) High Efficiency

Chiller -3 ℃ water efficiency than static ice -6 ° C water efficiency 10 percent. Static coil ice after two hours, the impact resistance due to the ice, the efficiency decreased to 45% of the working condition of the last hour, less than 30%. Ice slurry ice overall efficiency than the disk tube for more than 20% of host selection can be smaller.


2) Long Equipment Life

The iSlurry is easy to maintain, made of resistant stainless steel, no moving parts and low maintenance makes it have a long equipment lifetime.


3) Melting ice control to meet the peak load

Coil melting ice control complex, the peak load required to open the chiller and ice melting, ice slurry melting ice can be used alone to meet the peak load, the same ice volume, ice slurry can save more electricity. Coil melting ice, glycol pump consumption, the ice slurry system due to large temperature difference, through frequency of smaller flow of melting ice cooling.

Melting ice, the ice pump with low power consumption for more than 15%.


4) Cost Efficient

The iSlurry unit and auxiliary equipment of the ice slurry is a reasonably low cost compared to the amount of energy saving it produces.


5) Minimal Parts required

The main component is the storage tank which can be made of cement, fibreglass, plastic or stainless steel.  The size and location of the storage tank will be custom made for each project













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